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Über die Stadt Eger

(Erlau) is an old baroque town with about 66.000 inhabitants. The town lies at a height of 180 metres between the Matra mountains and the Bükk mountains in a mild valley, that is opened to a wide ranged plain, and lies about 125 km east of the capital Budapest. In earlier times it had been the gate to upper Hungary, the Czech Republic of today. On its hills is growing a very special red wine, which ripens in the deep cellars that had been graven into the volcanic stone.

Eger is famous because of its great surrounding wine-growing areas and the red wine Egri bikavér and other kinds of wine. In town there are many taverns and traditional, partly subterrestrial wine cellars. The townscape is minted by braque buildings, the osmanian tower from earlier times, the medieval castle and the basilica, which is the second largest in Hungary behind that one in Esztergom.

At the very beginning of the 11th century, Eger became a deocesan town. In 1241 it was destroyed completely by the Mongolians, and most of the inhabitants were killed. At the time of the Osmanian realm, the city kept on being attacked many times. In the year 1552, a small army could defend the town from a huge Osmanian superiority. That had been the first great defeat for the Turkish people, and Europe was already breathing again. But in 1596, Eager was carried and stayed about 100 years under Osmainan power. At that time, there were built some mosques and baths. The Osmanian tower, which still can be seen today, is understood as the most northern historical building of the Osmans. Not until 1687, Eger was taken back by the Hapsburgs and Hungary. The town has experienced its blossom since the middle of the 18th century.